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はんままにあについて/About hammamania

サークル名称/Circle name

はんままにあ / hammamania




勉強会運営、オープンソースCAEの普及支援、コミュニティ活動の支援 / Management of study groups, support for dissemination of open source CAE, and support for community activities


運営にかかわっている勉強会やコミュニティです。 / These are the study groups and communities that I am involved in running.

オープンCAE勉強会@関西/OpenCAE Local User Group@Kansai

モダンFortran勉強会/Modern Fortran Local User Group

公開資料/Public material

作った資料を公開しています。The materials we made are available to the public.

OpenFOAM (In construction)

ParaView (In construction)

モダンFortran/Modern Fortran (In construction)

Webアプリ/Web Application

勉強のためにWebアプリを作って公開しています。 / I have created and published a web application for study.

OpenCAE Hobby Lab


出版した書籍です。 / This is a published book.

OpenFOAMの歩き方 (技術の泉シリーズ(NextPublishing))



How to walk around OpenFOAM (Gijutsu no Izumi Series (NextPublishing))

This book is a beginner-intermediate manual for the open source fluid analysis toolbox “OpenFOAM”. Corresponding to the latest version of OpenFOAM, v2012, we will introduce how to select a calculation PC, how to use a polymerization grid, and how to search for calculation material. The examples covered are structured so that the operations to be performed gradually increase with each chapter. The operations in each chapter are explained with the OpenFOAM user conscious of the procedure for preparing data, and as you proceed with the examples, you can intuitively learn the flow of calculations using OpenFOAM.

Errata and supplementary pages

技術同人誌 / Tech-book(Self-publication)

これまでに頒布した技術系同人誌の一覧です。/ The following is a list of technical doujinshi we have distributed so far.

OpenFOAMの歩き方 第2版 / Walking Guide to OpenFOAM, 2nd Edition

Dockerで作るオープンCAE環境 / Open CAE environment created with Docker

むかしむかしにつくったPythonのテキスト / A Python textbook I made once upon a time

Gallery of Mesh

Palabosで遊ぼう 改訂版 / Let’s Play with Palabos, Revised Edition

ParaViewを使った仕事のやり方 ~可視化とちょっとアレなシステム開発~ / How to work with ParaView – Visualization and a little bit of crazy system development

お問合せ/Contact Us

このページの内容や出版・頒布物、イベントに関する問い合わせは次のアドレスまでご連絡ください。 / If you have any questions about the contents of this page or about publication, distribution, or events, please contact us at the following address